MGS Architecture works in partnership with its clients and professional collaborators to develop and realize projects of design elegance, planned sophistication, and material honesty.

The firm was founded in 2003 by Magdalena Glen-Schieneman. Magdalena comes from a family of architects living in the Carpathian Mountains of Central Europe. She brings to her expression of contemporary West Coast architecture an Old World sensitivity steeped in the 20th-century modernist tradition.

The firm’s many residential projects embody a defining sense of refined comfort and ease of living. Core values embraced by the firm include: accessibility (architecture is not meant to confuse,) desirability (this indeed is the home of my dreams,) profundity (the solutions to the challenges addressed in any individual design are not facile or offhand,) permanence (the built design is not of this transitory moment but occupies a domain marrying the best values of past, present, and future,) and tactile inquisitiveness (material selection is not limited by ignorance of current and developing trends and possibilities.)  These core values enable MGS Architecture to design homes of beauty, comfort, and style.


4006 Sawtelle Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90066 | 310.301.6419